Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review-Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

I borrowed this for a long road trip during which I usually read a book aloud while my husband drives. It was also good timing because we listened to a portion of Heaven by Randy Alcorn just prior to this read.

Overall, Heaven if for Real was a quick read (only took 2 hours) with a heavenly storyline. Colton was just four years old when he was hospitalized for an unknown illness, it turned out that he would require an emergency appendectomy. This book is a recounting of the events that occurred during his surgery and the resultant revelation by Colton to his parents over the next 10 years or so. There has been some discussion about the truth of the little boy's actual journey to heaven or lending it to an active imagination. I can't say either way, but it does make you think about eternity, which is always good. I guess I would say read it carefully with a theological filter, but sure it was a good read.

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