Sunday, January 13, 2013

When You Rise Up-A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling by R.C. Sproul, Jr

*Food for thought for all parents, 
encouragement for homeschool moms*

This book creates the case that ALL Christian parents are called to homeschool their children and that parents are fully equipped to do the job. First, it must be determined if education is a function of the state, the church or the family. After all, education cannot be "neutral" according to John Milton, a puritan poet. Second, we must apply the discipleship process in our homes.

Sproul, Jr. uses Deuteronomy 6 to show that God has called parents to be teachers of their children. Education IS the function of the family and it takes place in the form of discipleship. The goal of which it to create children and grandchildren who are Christlike. On the other hand, public education is an arm of the government who is an enemy of the gospel (we hear it more now than ever) and have banned even a mention of Christ's name. Their goal is to raise responsible adults who, bottom line: do well, earn more money and pay more taxes. All the while, spending $754 billion annually (2002 statistic) to achieve this end. If their god is money then it is NOT the god we want our children to be serving. 

Sproul, Jr. says that there are only two things needed to "bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord," (Ephesians 6:4b), the Bible and the Holy Spirit; both of which we have as believers. The believer's goal ought to be that we desire to raise godly offspring as opposed to merely raising smart kids, meaning kids that excel academically and are Harvard scholars. Yes, many homeschooled children are intelligent, but remember, God's goal is godliness.

Here are some common arguments that are given against homeschool and how Sproul, Jr. answers them:

For those who don't think they are qualified, his argument is this: do you have a child? has God commanded you to teach them (Deut 6)? has God empowered you with the Holy Spirit?
Then, if God has entrusted a child to you YES you are able!

For those who believe it is too expensive, his answer is: do you believe that God wants us to entrust teaching to the public/government system? do you own a Bible? If the answer is yes to the second question, you start there. 

For those who believe homeschooling does not afford every possibility to be exposed to sports and other extra-curricular activities, he simply says: Deut 6, parents are to teach their children.

For those who think their child might rebel, he says: perhaps you should keep the control you have and not give it over to the overworked and underpaid teacher who will surely not have time to give one-on-one attention. Raising children who would rather identify more with their peers than their "family IS the problem, not the solution." p 133

What about socialization you say. Sproul, Jr. says, my children get far more socialization on a daily basis than children who are in a classroom with the same age. They learn to interact with adults far more quickly and appropriately by being homeschooled.  After all, their identity is in Christ, not in pop culture.  

So, are you according to Ecclesiastes 12:13 "fear(ing) God and obey(ing) His commands"?

Here's to you mom, for your dedication to homeschooling and raising godly children. Love you.