Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review-What the Bible Says About Parenting by John MacArthur

Here is the latest book review for May- What the Bible Says About Parenting by John MacArthur...and here is why i decided not to read and review Five Love Languages of Children: I started reading it and there was not a single reference to a Bible verse for the first 23 pages. I really enjoyed the original Five Love Languages book, but felt my time could be better spent focusing on a topic that is Biblically based.

The premise for this book is to clearly present principles of biblical parenting. John MacArthur asked if we (Christian parents) are taking our parenting duties serious enough and are we providing shade/protection for our children or leaving them exposed to the "heat" of anti-Christian values in an anti-Christian world.

"God has made parenting a full-time responsibility" therefore we ought to take it seriously by not allowing outside influences to shape their character or speak more loudly into their lives than us. Thus plays in the question or debate about education, public, private, homeschool. (thoughts anyone?)
One of the things that I have learned most from parenting and more recently the discipline aspect is my relationship with the Lord needs to be fresh and real and growing in order to impart godliness to my children. I have also realized that God is so patient with me therefore I can be patient toward my kiddos. And lastly, when talking with Josiah about always obeying, i ask myself do I always obey ALL God's commands-food for thought:)
Back to the book, here is a lengthy quote, but it is good:
Our duty as parents is to teach our children to fear God and love others. If we fail to do this, "the devil will teach them to hate God. If we fail to teach them to guard their minds, they devil will teach them to have a corrupt mind. If you fail to teach them to obey their parents, the devil will teach them to rebel and break their parent's hearts. If you fail to teach them to select carefully their companions, the devil will choose companions for them. if you fail to teach them to control their lusts, the devil will teach them how to fulfill their lusts. if you fail to teach them to enjoy their own spouses, the devil will teach them to destroy their marriages. If you fail to teach them to watch their words, the devil will fill their mouths with filth. if you fail to teach them to pursue their work, the devil will make their laziness a tool of hell. if you fail to teach them to manage their money, the devil will teach them to squander it on riotous living. And if you fail to teach them to love their neighbors, the devil will teach them to love only themselves. We have a great responsibility to this generation and the next."
According to the 5th commandment, children have the promise of a long life IF they honor their father and mother. Obedience IS the paramount goal of parenting because when the learn to obey their parents, essentially they are obeying God and will understand God's desire for obedience throughout the rest of their lives. But it is not only obedience that God wants, it is a heart attitude!"Honor is the attitude behind the act."
And lastly, four principles from Deuteronomy 6:6-7:
1) teach your children about God
2) teach them to love God
3) teach tem to obey God from the heart
4) teach them to follow your example
"View every occasion in life as an opportunity to teach them about God. Take every opportunity to point them to heaven. Make everything that happens a path that leads them back to Scripture."
That's all i got. Hope you took something away from this.
Love you all,