Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Review-Holiness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Here is my latest book review. As a follow-up to Downpour, I thought Holiness: The Heart God Purifies by Nancy Leigh DeMoss was a perfect fit.
If you have never read any of her stuff, I would highly recommend her books and her website has many printable handouts and prayer challenges!
She is very Biblical and has a passion for revival- her things are often very convicting.
She also has two radio programs one called Revive Our Hearts and another Seeking Him.
Holiness  is the 3rd book in a trilogy that started with Brokenness followed by Surrender.
She shares that her passion for the message of holiness comes from the heart of God based on 1 Peter 1:15+16/Leviticus 11:44.
"True holiness," she writes, "is the pathway to fullness of life and joy. To be holy is to be wholly satisfied with Christ."
She addressed the necessity of "putting off" old fleshly habits or corruption and "putting on" grace as the key to overcoming sin.
Most chapters read like a book, but the chapter titled: The heart of holiness-was mostly application; it dealt with being an authentic Christian and gave 15 topics for self-examination. This portion was meant to be done in one's journal, like a workbook. And this is where I spent most of my time in self-examination in light of God's word. At the end of the book, she includes a discussion guide for further study or a group study.
Overall, a good read if you are looking to do some heart "surgery!"
I thought this was good to conclude with-a prayer from Nancy:
Oh, God,
show me more of Your holiness.
Show me more of my sinfulness.
Help me to hate sin and love righteousness as You do.
Grant me a deeper conviction of sin
and a more thorough spirit of repentance.
And make me holy as You are holy.
God bless as you pursue Him. You are loved!
stay tuned for next month's read: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

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